Used Correctly A Facemask May Save Your Life or A Family Member’s Life

The British Government has been led by bad “expert” advice into making one disastrous mistake in its policies over the COVID-19 pandemic

it has failed to make the wearing of facemasks away from home mandatory or even advisory.

Consider Some Facts:

  • Although most people are trying hard, total social isolation is impossible. Just a cough in the next supermarket aisle can be wafted over to you – proven. In test.
  • If everyone wore a facemask there would always be TWO barriers between an infected nose and mouth and an uninfected nose and mouth, that’s why they work.
  • It may well be that China has recovered so quickly simply because everyone was already accustomed to wearing masks so once the Hubei lockdown went into operation the spread of infection dropped dramatically – far faster than in UK
  • UK deaths per million population exceeded only by Belgium, Spain, Italy, and France. South Korea’s rate is one-fortieth of UK’s (2.5%).
  • Most French councils are now delivering facemasks free to all their citizens. They realize now that they made a mistake not acting earlier.
  • Third world Zambia has had only 4 deaths so far but already it is compulsory to wear masks outdoors and employers provide them to workers
  • If you can’t buy masks from a pharmacy, make them yourself, it is easy and could save your life. Do it now!
  • It’s best to have three Masks per person.


  • Whenever you leave the house or someone has to visit, wear the mask covering your mouth and nose
  • NEVER push the mask down around your neck – that will leave you breathing in the virus caught on the outside of the mask
  • You should have THREE masks per person
  • You should have a bucket or bowl of water ready for when you return home.
  • Immediately remove the mask and put it into the water. THEN WASH YOUR HANDS AND FACE before you touch anything else.
  • As soon as convenient wash the mask in very hot water and put it out to dry. By having three masks in total you should always have one that is dry and ready.