Elim’s National Leadership Team have issued the following advice to Elim church ministers in response to the spread of COVID-19 to bring clear and united response to the challenge of maintaining our ministry, worship and witness during this unprecedented national crisis.

As a result of the latest Government and Public Health advice regarding the COVID-19 crisis on Monday 16 March 2020, we are taking the decision to suspend all Elim Church services from and including this Sunday, 22 March until further notice.

We do not take this decision lightly but do so believing we have a public duty to act responsibly in terms of the duty of care to all members of the community.

The latest advice includes a Government ban on large gatherings and a call for “social distancing”.

Answering questions in the House of Commons on Monday evening, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “with the deepest regret and the heaviest of hearts we do include faith groups within the advice”.

In seeking to interpret this advice, Elim, along with other Christian denominations, are aware of the many and varied types of ‘gathering’ that are a part of local church activity. In addition to public worship services, we therefore recommend the following actions:


We are hoping to resume services at Barry Island Community Centre from Sunday September 6th. The date is not yet certain because the Centre management have to satisfy Barry Town Council and Vale of Glamorgan CBC that the coronavirus rules are met and we have to similarly satisfy Elim Church HQ.

Pastor Seung Lee expects to return from South Korea before that – on August 26th. Unfortunately, his father-in-law’s cancer surgery was postponed due to a national doctor’s strike on the very day it had been scheduled, so Sarah will stay on for some time longer. We are eagerly looking forward to meeting again in person all of our congregation, even though we will be bound by legal rules of no singing and no refreshments and social distancing. We hope also to see some new faces of those who have followed us online during the lockdown. We intend to continue broadcasting our services on YouTube for the benefit of any who really cannot attend but every individual will be blessed and will bless others by being present.